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After establishing herself in London’s underground bass music scene throughout the years, ANIMAI shows off her first love, electronica, in style.

The self produced singer-songwriter has been involved in dance music culture since she went from working as a session singer/top line writer to releasing her debut with 2013’s ‘Taking Over’ with producer Vaun, alongside the music video being filmed on the London Underground.

Ever since then it’s been an electronica roller coaster for the creative with features on grime legend, Flowdan’s album ‘Disaster Piece’ as well as vocals on Fabric’s resident DJ, Cimm’s album ‘Unknown Caller’. Several performances at Outlook Festival in Croatia as well as live PA's across the London's club scene has allowed her to perfect her on-stage persona.

The producer has always incorporated jazz harmony and live instrumentation into electronic sounds to combine beats that allow clever lyricism to talk about mental health issues and it’s paid off in this new track.

ANIMAI has released a beautiful infusion of soulful vocals and hypnotic electronica soundscapes that is perfected in her new creation ‘Wide Awake’.

From smooth percussion to a remix with Bristol’s very own DJ/producer Fish, ANIMAI’s harmonies show that this new effort is one of the producer’s best.

"ANIMAI's sumptuous vocal reaches a peak that goes into the history books as one of the biggest conscious heighteners to date" -FATKIDONFIRE

ANIMAI on her new track:

“It is awakening to a clearer perspective, a new awareness, it relates to everything from capitalism, to mental health, to the people around us and "the calling" is the pull to go back to our old habits/the life we knew before.”

And here's some of her previous work that we really love, have a listen to her performing live below >>

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