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Born in The Hague, The Netherlands and raised by a voice coach and orchestral conductor, it was only natural that Kirsten and Kasper would become musicians themselves. When they were thirteen they bought their first DJ controller and they haven't looked back since. Both siblings moved to London within the space of 2 years, with Kirsten studying medicine and Kasper doing a Music Production and Sound Engineering degree.

This move to London sparked their interest in Minimal and Tech House, and they soon started experimenting with both genres. Both siblings started their musical journey in London as separate acts, and combined have had a number of gigs at some of London's biggest clubs, including Egg, XOYO and Fabric. However, at the end of 2019 they decided to finally join forces and form Genetika. They are always trying to innovate and combine different genres and influences, so Genetika's productions have a uniqueness to them that they are keen to show the world.

Strange is our debut EP and it contains 4 of our earliest tracks: Tell Me, Strange, Everybody and Humerus. While Strange Harbors has a more uplifting vibe and Humerus stays true to our overarching minimal house interests, Tell Me is more of a downtempo emotional ride, and Everybody has tech house flavors that are ready for peak-hour dance vibes.

Melodies and beats are as important as the deep driving low end in our tracks. Being in the early stages of our partnership, our sound is ever-evolving and we believe this is heard with every release. Humerus is a track that was born a bit later than the other tracks on the EP and it’s therefore audibly braver with its choice in components. As a brother-sister duo, we stand by our authenticity and our ability to communicate with each other on a different level than other partnerships.

Strange EP is coming out on the Whoyostro White sub-label of the Ukrainian powerhouse Whoyostro, one of the leading labels in minimal house and deep tech, having released some of the genre’s OG’s, including Whoyostro founder Vele, and Djoko. We’re proud that our debut EP is released by such a leading label within the genre, and have a couple more tracks coming out on other international labels over the course of the summer.”

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