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WXMB 2 Mix 015 - J.MüLLER

Get ready to get bouncy with this tasty mix of percussive tribal house, that goes in deep and dark at times but then comes back to lighter melodic house - a true journey of well curated music with all the feels.

Our very own South African born, London based artist, J.Müller is a poet, singer, DJ, producer, creator and seeker of wisdom. With a full book of poetry called Peaceful Thoughts and two singles out, her DJ sets take you through a journey of tribal house and techno electronic sounds with a dash of this and that. She started her own club night, libert_é last year which creates a space for freedom and self-expression through music and dance and you can catch her on the parth_é radio show on @MusicBoxRadio the 4th Wednesday every month from 5-7pm. Prepare to be taken into the unknown through all of her creations.

Follow her on Instagram and follow us on MIXCLOUD!

WXMB 2 Gang


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