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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Check out the latest mix by OOPS2 - Equaliser resident. The collective is a Leeds and Beijing based DJ collective that aims to “liberate sound across the spectrum”. The mix? Deep funky vibes, an uplifting massage for your brain...

They host workshops and parties in order to highlight the talent of non-cis men in electronic music! Equaliser uses their platform to create open conversations, challenge and teach perceptions of gender within music, with an aim to create safer music spaces that everyone can be equal in.

OOPS2 is a Beijing-based trans DJ with a long history listening to music and a unique musical aesthetic. When she lived in Philippines with her father as a child, OOPS2 was captivated by local customs and music. She was particularly fascinated by dance inducing music. Beautiful rhythms, retro beats, classic melodies, can be sampled to become a unique element of her live mix. On her watch the dance floor is always alive and thriving with rhythm.

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WXMB 2 Gang


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