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💫 Saturday 12th Oct 2019

🌈 Panel discussion on 'Grassroots Organising'

📍 Sheffield, UK

🐬 A part of No Bounds Festival

🌟🌟🌟 TICKETS 🌟🌟🌟


Friday 11th October

Opening Concert 6.30 - 11pm

Kelham island Museum Grand Hall

Caterina Barbieri + Ruben Spini (Live AV) Lanark Artefax (Live AV) Lee Gamble (Live AV)

Plus Poetry interventions throughout the Museum ft Jackie Wicks and Film Screenings at Testone Factory.

Friday Opening Rave @ Hope Works


DBridge DJ Q Zed Bias Winston Hazel TSVI SHYGIRL (Live) DJ Flight Shannen SP ZULI Phatworld FORCA B2B Deadbeat UK Dr Cryptic B2B Dr. Oscillator Clara! Mark (live) Ifeoluwa Displace DnB Tino Charla Green Dalts J.Rugged

Saturday daytime - evening ( excluding Night time Rave at Hope Works ) programme will include multiple Installations, interventions, workshops, talks and performances throughout the city centre at various venues. Millennium Gallery, Site Gallery, Testone Factory, The Mowbray and Kelham Island Museum. The full programme and timings will be released by the end of September, for now here's a few key points.

1. Tactical Contact Mark Fell and Pedro Rocha gave curated a series of new collaborations at Kelham Island Museum to interact with the space. This includes.

Goat (Live) + Collectif Nominoë (live band with visual art) Rian Treanor + Jan Hendrikse (electronics and flute) Okkyung Lee + Liz Kosack (cello and electronics) Antonija Livingstone + Steam Engine (dance performance with working steam engine) Nakul krishnamurty + Ryoko Akama (textural electronics and objects) Angharad Williams + Other Words For Anger Collective (performance & installation) Caty Olive + Ellen Arkbro (light and sound performance) Sote + Sandro Mussida (installation with cello performance) Will Guthrie (live drum performance with a moving museum exhibit) Sofia Jernberg (vocal performance in the tunnels underneath the museum) Alex Mclean + New Noveta (live coding + dance)

2.The Skin Of Time No Bounds and Site Gallery joint commission. A brand new AV sound installation with Melika Ngombe Kolongo, AKA Nkisi. A new durational sound installation and score as part of an ongoing investigation into invisible forces using sound will be near the train station and entitled “The Skin Of Time”

3.Light and Sound Bath The intersection of wellbeing, science, technology and music will be crossed with a special commission, “Light and Sound Bath” with Debbie Chia. where participants are bathed in flickering light and experience a personal "visible” frequency entrainment of rich colours and geometric patterns, guided by specially commissioned live sound works from festival artists The Black Dog, Lo Shea, 96 Back and Prequel Tapes and Debbie Chia.

4. Workshops,Talks Debate (Various venues) Workshops are once again a big part of the programme this year, covering topics such as live coding, DJing, modular synthesis, well-being and more. Talks and debate are back in full force with some superb panels covering many current issues, from grass roots organising and diversity issues to artificial intelligence and cyborg activism. We’ll also be having a special artist talk section where artists from the programme are interviewed one on one, hosted by Joe Muggs, Ifeoluwa and more TBA.

5.Film We’ve worked with Sheffield Doc Fest to bring a full film programme to No Bounds 2019 including Rita Maia and Vasco Viana’s Lisbon Beat, an exploration of contemporary Lisbon electronica and Memento Stella: Makino Takashi’s amazing immersive and hypnotic piece of film art, +6Gain which follows 2 individuals dealing with the monotony of their lives through Gabber, Father Figure exploring Vogueing and we’ve partnered with Memory Dance to explore archival material exploring issues of memory. This will happen over the entire weekend.

Saturday Rave @ Hope Works

Our Saturday Rave at Hope Works in conjunction with Resident Advisor is the biggest we've ever done. It's a celebratory exploration over 3 rooms with some of the biggest artists in electronic music as well as a choice selection of the up and coming talents who are creating waves and bring a whole new energy to the table.

The Black Madonna Juan Atkins Courtesy JASSS Aurora Halal rRoxymore B2B Violet SPFDJ Lsdxoxo Gábor Lázár (Live) Solid Blake CEM CCL Ziúr(Live) Andrea (Live) 96 Back Yak Equaliser


This is essentially split into two different strands. First we are exploring the intersection of sound and well being with ambient and drone in combination with different environments and practices. From Light and Sound Bath Pt 2 at The Holt to The Black Dog (Live) in Heeley Swimming Pool Sunday will be about going deep and working with sound as a healing force.

Second we are throwing our closing party at The FoodHall. This is always a really special end to the weekend. For those wanting to wind up rather than wind down we have a superb programme of music featuring Broken Fm (live), Stevie Cox, GRL. Linnemann and more to be announced.

We are also including a FREE section of our programme at the iconic Millennium Gallery and we will be working with some of Sheffield's best small venues and spaces such as Testone Factory, The Holt, The Mowbray, Foodhall and Heeley Swimming Pool again over the weekend.

One thing that we will be focusing on this year is ambient and drone music, and this will manifest in some really unique and interesting ways at the festival.

Love and Hope. NB


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