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ABOUT US (Anchor)

WXMB 2 is an ever growing community of womxn connecting and coming together with a shared mission: to take on inequality within the music industry. Our team currently consists of 7 womxn who volunteer for this cause. 


Our name, pronounced as ‘WOMB 2’ /wuːm 2/, derives from the acronym Womxn Of Music Business, but is also a word-play on ‘ROOM 2’, where female, female-identifying and non-binary artists tend to be relegated in the clubbing scene. 

Everyone is welcome at our events, no matter their gender, race or sexuality. Our name came at the start of the group to try and include everyone who identifies as a womxn or non-binary. 

The ‘X’ in our name is inclusive, promoting intersectionality and non-binary identifying people. The term ‘Womxn’ originated at the University of California, Davis in 1971. as a spelling of ‘women’ that is a more inclusive, progressive term. It is used to demonstrate a commitment to inclusiveness towards all kinds of women, including trans women.



Founder of WXMB 2, events & operations manager with over 14 years of experience in logistics, production, booking talent, festival management and promotion. Along with starting WXMB2, Petra is a vital member of the management team at Islington Assembly Hall, a beautiful art deco theatre-turned-music venue on Upper St, London N1. She is also the former artist liaison manager for The Garden, Gottwood & Houghton festivals and booker for Number 90 Bar!


As a Jazz/soul singer, experimental minimal sound artist, DJ and photographer - MÆVE works with multiple mediums as an artist. As a textural and nature explorer, in line with a mixed cultural heritage, her art allows her to bridge multiple identities into one. She also has over ten years of experience working in music event organising.


Hillary is passionate about music and social change. Combining the two, she ran a national radio show in Malta, then cut her teeth on music journalism and criticism in Liverpool. She has worked at festivals across the UK, and in London today is currently reading for a PhD whilst serving as Wxmb 2's Music Editor. As Shakespeare put it, 'though she be but little, she is fierce!'

Ynez is a feminist, DJ, producer, radio host, music journalist and PR manager for many music festivals happening on the Adriatic coast. She is a dedicated yogi, muay thai enthusiast and dancehall gyal. Cruising between Croatia, Berlin, London, Amsterdam(...) and rest of the World, she is bringing her experience from many aspects as a Womxn Of Music Business, also having co-founded the first ever Croatian online radio station!

klara roxenius

Hailing from Sweden, our digital marketing, SEO and social media expert, Klara, is stepping into new territory developing her talents in music and events. She has an extensive knowledge of tracking numbers and making them work in our favour, while also getting into producing live music and panel events for WXMB 2. 

When putting on a music and arts festival in high school, Maria realised that she would like to pursue career within music industry. After various placements over festivals and events as well as studying at BIMM London, she joined an event production team for polish-based promoter Follow The Step. But for developing skills within production, she is passionate about modern and visual arts.




Whilst involved with Leeds Student Radio, Eleanor quickly realised that she wanted to forge a career in festivals and events. After various freelance projects, she is currently working for MAMA Festivals as part of their booking team. She also hosts a monthly ambient and experimental radio show ‘Gloopmachine’ on Threads Radio, as well as bringing all kinds of sounds to the floor when DJing.


Ema got into her first role at Outlook and Dimensions Festivals 7 years ago, while still in colllege, slowly building up towards a producer role both inside the company and by freelancing for other festivals like Kala, Snowboxx, Standon Calling, We Out Here and Rise as well as brands such as Red Bull, Pinterest, Just Eat, BBC, Adobe and more. She also likes to dip into light engineering and technical support while studying Business Management part-time, listening and collecting music plus kicks ass in a kickboxing class.


Co-founder of WXMB 2, Lucy AKA Lucid Stannard is a world renowned DJ, producer, and passionate feminist. She moved on to DJing after studying fashion business and branding whilst working as a booker for venues including Shoreditch Platform, as well as throwing various events including ‘Lucy’s Disco’, forest parties and many raucous basement raves. Lucy has a regular radio show on Balamii.


Want to collaborate? Want us to host a panel discussion at your event or festival? Want to book one of our DJs? Want us to share your mix? Or just have a general question >> email us on 

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