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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

This week's Artist Focus is really special to us as it features one of our very own team members, releasing a truly stunning debut with NX Records, this Friday, 22nd November.

Through a genre-bending compositional ear and a poetic lyricism, songwriter and producer aden aspires to create music that not only resonates with individual hearts, but brings people closer together in a spirit of intimacy and empathy.

A multi-instrumental musician hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, aden offers us "the semifinals", which sees deeply personal, unfinished journeys weaving through time and space; dense jazz acapella and thundercat-esque bass, via analogue synths housed at the legendary Goldsmiths electronic music studio. Highly recommended for fans of Bobby McFerrin, Blood Orange, Joni Mitchell, Nai Palm, and Solange.

In addition to being a Harvard educated astrophysicist and mathematician (seriously, how much brains and talent can there be in one remarkable human?!) aden recently completed an MMus in Creative Practice, at Goldsmiths. "the semifinals" is out via cassette and digital on this Friday, 22nd November.

Head over to listen and preorder here!

If that wasn't exciting enough, come join us in person to celebrate at the launch party at the NX Records shop this Friday: doors open at 7pm, and music starts at 8pm.

We are so excited! See you there! ♡


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