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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Ann King Shines A Light On Mental Health With New Single ‘Stronger

“Oozes with lush vocals, infectious beats and a voice that echoes through-out the song,” EARMILK

“Ann’s emotive vocals echo through the depths of the track,” FLAVOUR MAG

This week's featured artist is Ann King, a singer, songwriter and passionate performer hailing from the Netherlands. This vocal powerhouse has returned with breath-taking new single ‘Stronger', an inspirational track encouraging those who have fallen down to get back up.

Accompanied by stunning visuals and effortlessly fusing Electro-Pop and R&B with cinematic and acoustic elements, ‘Stronger’ delves into the dynamics of going through a burn-out and pushing through the obstacles.

On the single, Ann said, “I wrote it as a reminder to myself that being burned out doesn’t

make me weak, it makes me a passionate person who lives for their art,

I learned that I need to watch out for myself more and that you can’t neglect your mental

or physical health. I believe that going through a burn out only made me a stronger person

and in the end, it will make me a better artist as well,

The music video takes place in a scenic setting, inspired by the landscapes from old

Dutch painters in the 19th century. Ann places herself in the midst of these stunning Dutch

landscapes, paying homage to her heritage and the art she loves so much.

Written by Ann last December, ’Stronger’ is the third single released by the artist, keeping to the theme of being authentically true to who you are. The single is off her upcoming album ‘Fake Flowers’, slated for release in January 2020.

The unique and talented artist instantly draws you to her music, which will take you on a

journey that documents everything: from heartbreak, through to regaining personal

confidence and empowerment.

Her strong voice has a wide range and has seen her perform solo shows in the United States, including a show on Broadway, where she was received with praise for her performance. Her previous releases ‘Heading’ and ‘I Wouldn’t Mind’ have received love from taste makers across the globe. The young singer is showing no signs of slowing down, and we fully believe that 2019 is the year for Ann King!

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