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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Elkka - the London based DJ, producer and founder of record label and DIY art collective femme culture - has just released her latest EP ‘Every Body Is Welcome’ on her imprint, following a very strong year of live performances and DJ sets throughout Europe, and a growing radio presence in London and beyond.

‘Every Body Is Welcome’ was released on 22nd of November. Smudging the boundaries between eras and styles, Elkka’s free-wheeling dance tracks float between club beats, earthy sounds full of warmth, soft edges, and lovely instrumentation which all lead to a completely captivating and blissful listen. The infectious new five-track EP looks set to further solidify her status as one of the artists changing the shape of dance music in 2019.

The EP kicks off with an acid-sounding dance thumper, that gracefully moves along the piano melody for a beautiful house start to the whole project. In typical Elkka style, the EP moves from the atmospheric, sun-soaked rhythms of ‘Compromise for What’ and ‘LVURSLF’ Interlude, to the more club-oriented, 4am nightscapes of ‘Avant Garde’ - ending with ‘Breathe’, the perfect union to these two different sides of her artistry in one elegant, soulful track.

‘Every Body Is Welcome’ was informed by Elkka’s own deeper understanding of who she is as an artist and what the dance floor means to her. She says:

"Arriving in London in my early 20s, I was a completely different person in every possible way and discovering club culture, the rave scene and queer spaces allowed me to explore myself fully as a woman and as a queer person. For me, the dance floor has been the place where I have felt the most liberated, the most myself, unified with friends and strangers by the music and the moment we are sharing. This EP is a celebration of those moments, of the dance floor, of dance music that has inspired me creatively and personally. Every Body Is Welcome symbolises what I hope the dance floor to be - a music utopia or haven, somewhere for everyone to feel safe to express themselves, to find themselves, to be whoever they want to be and feel part of a community of acceptance and tolerance. Idealistic? Yes, but I think art should be a space to express idealism and where we hope to be."

Her previous EP​ ‘​Full Circle​’​, released via femme culture, received acclaim and support from Annie Mac, Pete Tong, and Tom Ravenscroft. Elkka was also named as one of the artists to watch in 2019 by ​Mixmag​. In addition, Elkka has garnered playlist and radio plays from acclaimed producers Four Tet, Floating Point’s and George Fitzgerald.

Elkka founded the femme culture label and collective in 2016 in response to the lack of support for womxn DJs, producer and artists, later teaming up with fellow DJ and creative Ludo, who she now co-runs the platform with. Since then, the progressively minded collective have been swiftly gaining recognition with their boundary-free ethos that champions women, women-identifying, artists and the LGBTQ+ community, whilst pushing forward-thinking music through their carefully, curated club nights and events.

Earlier this year they released their second label compilation ‘HeForShe x femme culture.’ Compiled in aid of the UN Women, the compilation featured fresh new sounds from the likes of Lone, Elkka herself, Martin Bootyspoon, India Jordan, Ouri, Nightwave and more - and earlier this summer they hosted their annual alternative Pride after-party ‘PROUD’, in which all the proceeds went to The Albert Kennedy Trust (a charity for homeless LGBTQ youths).

Elkka online -

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femme culture online -

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