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Artist Focus: JoBee Project

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Fierce, fiery and full of flavour, in this week's Artist Focus we are proud to feature Polish Brussels-based artist JoBee Project, who has teamed up with Belgian electronic producer Solemn Eye to turn up the heat with an alternative-electro single:

‘Burning Sense’.

‘Burning Sense’ is an ode to previous heartbreaks and burn-out love stories. The single is about getting burnt in life, but learning lessons along the way, further reinforcing that, despite it all, she is ready to begin all over again. It is the perfect song of the week to take us out of this dreary winter, as it was designed to reignite those beginning-of-summer vibes. If that wasn't enough, it is also accompanied by out-of-this-world visuals, perfectly fit for this spellbinding single.

With this single JoBee goes in a slightly different direction to her previous releases: the vocal powerhouse taps into her delicate side, more than she did in the previous album ‘The Blossoming,’ showcasing her strength and gloss, with minimalism.

On the single, JoBee said, “This song is a bridge to the new sounds of me, it’s raw and more delicate. It shows the multi-facets of my personality and the growth I have experienced from life,”

JoBee has been creeping up the sidelines of the scene for a hot minute, but now - with the impending release of her album ‘The Beginning’ - JoBee is set to further turn heads and showcase her raw talent.

To date JoBee has released three albums, with each showcasing her versatility as she embraces a variety of melodies and rhythms, with her no-nonsense attitude. With an inherent passion for music, JoBee is excited to build a new chapter of sounds with the release of her upcoming fourth album, ‘The Beginning’ so stay tuned for its imminent release!


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