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Queen Colobus released their much anticipated debut single on 20 March 2020. Melting jazz, indie/folk and neo-soul, the first glimpse at this innovative band boasts catchy melodies and lush chords. Having already been played on Jazz FM and Soho Radio, Easy Now promises to be an unforgettable listen. This single is part of their upcoming EP to be released July 2020.

Queen Colobus is a 4-piece band led by alto saxophonist and vocalist, Beth Hopkins. Having played together in different bands in Southampton, they found that they liked making weird sounds a t each other, with or without instruments, and formed a musical alliance within the London jazz scene.

As the bandleader, Beth’s compositional style shows it’s undeniable force in this tune. Written as a letter to her Dad currently battling cancer, Easy Now is raw and emotive yet catchy and upbeat. The lyrics encourage a positive mood and are the embodiment of its title and artwork: a perfect song to have stuck in your head. The final 30 seconds bring the listener into the reality of the situation whilst remaining light and loving.

They are also excited to start releasing a string of 'Easy Now' remixes over the next month, leading up to their debut EP release in July. Keep your eyes peeled!

Band members:

Beth Hopkins (alto sax and vocals) – Jelly Cleaver, Hover Fly, Shunaji, All Day Breakfast Café, Red Letter

Jelly Cleaver (guitar) – Jelly Cleaver, Kasia Konstance, Tomorrow’s Warriors Female Frontline, All Day Breakfast Café

Will Heaton (bass) – Ebi Soda, The VV Experience

Adam Skinner (drums) – Red Letter

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