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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Unsigned artist, SERAPHINA, recently released this self-made video for her new single, Backbone. She’s an amazing example of an artist finding beautiful and creative ways around some of the things that can prohibitively expensive for young artists - from video production to PR, digital marketing and website design. She self-released this single whilst singing all weekend in Alexandra Palace on stage with Robyn on the Honey tour!

As described on her socials, SERAPHINA serves straight up Pop Noir. A born-and-bred Londoner, her songs are blues-flecked, soulful psalms to the night. SERAPHINA’s nocturnal anthems weave images of backstreet alleys, neon lights, desire, heartbreak and anarchy with hymnal harmonies and 50's Doo Wop.

Shouts to Imogen Berman for the heads up! Watch the video below >>

She is also currently in the PIRATE STUDIOS PRODIGY competition which helps unsigned musicians get discovered, so make sure you vote for her, too >>

Check her website for more info and buy the track + Backbone on Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud.


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