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Big thanks to Rowena and team Bustle for including us in their article on 14 UK-Based Initiatives Making It Easier For You To Carve Out A Career In Music.

"When women and nonbinary people step into the spotlight, magic happens. Not just on stage, but in recording studios, lighting booths, boardrooms, and tour buses. Bustle UK has scoured the country looking for initiatives that encourage women and non-binary people in music to find their spotlight, wherever it may be, and carve out a space for themselves in the industry.

The people behind these 14 initiatives know how much more must be done to integrate women and non-binary people across all areas of music, and they're looking to change the record for good."

Some of the initiatives mentioned alongside WXMB 2 were: Slut Drop — Leeds, Saffron — Bristol, Yorkshire Sound Women Network — Yorkshire, Ladyfest MCR — Manchester and many more!

Read the full article HERE.


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