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Grrrl In Print (A DIY Guide to Feminism) features an incredible 6 PAGE FEATURE about WXMB 2 in thei newest issue!

Issue 3 explores disruption, whether that’s within systems or institutions or by simply holding kindness and collaboration above a poisonous the race to the glass ceiling.

They're co opting office aesthetics, the material and language of capitalism and corporation for our own devices. They're looking at those who are already disrupting within their industries, through business, music and art and are thinking about ways we can do things on our own terms, hoping to provide the tools and inspiration to do so.

Ii's made up of 100 pages of DIY feminism, a beautiful A5 zine bursting with tutorials, artwork, manifestos, personal stories, advice, poetry and interviews and an A6 mini zine.

Grrrl In Print is a collaborative zine produced by Lu Williams for Grrrl Zine Fair.

Will be available to buy online HERE.


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