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About my personal healing and growth happening right now ~

Thursday, 10th of October 2019.

I thought I would be writing this blog post way back in May. At least, that was the plan. And then came one festival, and then the other, and looking back now - with the whole summer and 20 festivals behind me - I can say that it just flew by without a chance to turn around, reflect on it or write about it.

Yes yes, time flies when you are working a lot, and when you are having fun while doing what you love. That is, at least, my scenario. But I must admit to you, it is not an easy one, and not a tempo everyone can or may want to handle. As you probably do not remember my previous posts, I DJ, and do PR, press, artist liaison and organisation for many music festivals. I am also a music journalist and a radio host. During the summer and festival season, I sleep circa three hours a day, am awake most of the nights, travel alone most of the time, and do not have a day or a weekend off.

Right now, while I am writing this, it is the 10th of October, and in one day I am facing my first weekend off - without gigs or traveling - in the last six months. And that is only because they had to cancel my traveling DJ gig due to unfortunate circumstances! So, that is the life I choose when I decided to be my own boss, and I am super happy and grateful for that. Us wxmn, as you all know, tend to take too much on our backs and we carry it for a long time. And that is ok - we are so strong, we can handle it. However, it is always important to know your limits and to give yourself a rest and a recharge when needed, however busy you are. Your wellbeing, your health and peace are the most precious things you posses and you must nurture them at any cost.

For the summer season, I always prepare myself mentally. I know that I will have a lack of sleep, but I compensate for it with good nutrition, meditation, getting minerals from regular swimming in the sea everyday, and just practicing positivity and good thoughts. I know the date it will all end, so I just accept that as it goes. Since I was swimming in the sea just two and a half weeks ago, I have the sense of summer leaving us right about now, and I am just starting to embrace the magical colours of the fall season and colder days ahead.

This blog piece album recommendation:

As the new season has started, this year I decided to try and experience something new as a part of my yearly body and mind cleanse. I would like to share it with you, since we are talking about self-care this time. I decided to undergo a body cleanse and healing via frequencies, sound and vibration, combined with the Ayurvedic principles and intermittent fasting, and strict (vegan) food regime.

It has been a couple of weeks since then, and I can tell you: it is a really exciting ride! The frequencies affect your body in ways you did not know were possible, and cause the cleansing process by scaring out everything that doesn’t belong to your body. So, it is an interesting method to explore and to try if you are into alternative medicine, Ayurveda or quantum physics. In my case, it was kinda logical for me that the source of my physical and mental healing and cleansing would be sound and vibration because sound (and music) is my life, my passion, my job, and what I love the most.

For me, this method makes perfect sense. And it is as easy as it can get: you just listen to your personalised mp3 frequencies for a couple of times a day. For me, these are the perfect sounds because they sound like the music that I am making at the moment - very noisy and very experimental, ha! And I can tell you, you really feel the cleanse and that your body is fighting to eliminate everything that is not serving you. I am extra tired, extra sensitive, and it feels different from anything I've experienced before. It is also advised to tone it down and avoid work during this period, but my healer said to me that I am strong and I can handle it. So, I am just working at my usual tempo, but it is a challenge, even for me!

In the good spirit of that cleanse, I also decided to ditch the birth control pills that I have been taking for a decade now as a cure to keep my endometriosis under control. I am putting my faith into frequencies to take care of that as well. So, this is an exciting period since I quit hormones just three days ago and I am interested to see what I will discover throughout this process. I spent my twenties with artificial hormones creating my body chemistry, so I am curious to return to my natural flow and cycle. I am also curious to see what type of person I will be without the pills, and if anything will change at all. They say that pills always give you a slightly blue feeling, so I am expecting to become happier :)

This personal and intimate confession of my current state was written just to tell you that it is most important to listen to yourself, your soul and your body. Take time and steps to take care of yourself and explore different ways and methods that will work for you. You will certainly recognise the right one when it is presented to you: you just feel it. Whether you take pause to dedicate yourself to that, or if you are experimenting along the way like myself, it is all good. You must be good with yourself and for yourself first.

Before I pack my bags and leave for London next week to work and hang out with my WXMB 2 girls (which I am looking forward to so much!!), I still have some exciting work on some new festivas, a couple of trainings, dance lessons, and a nice Sunday lunch at an Indian vegan restaurant (that I will treat my family and myself with!).

Although I must admit that I am experiencing a writer’s block at the moment, I hope that at least some of you managed to pick up something from this blog piece. I am going to leave you now to tend to my bedtime reading (currently - Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith, do check it out!) but I am also sharing with you the most recent mix that I did for one electronic music website. I hope that you will enjoy the sounds!

Until next time, stay well and fierce, my wxmn loves. Oh, and of course, happy Mental Health Day to you all!




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