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Introducing WXMB 2 (WOMB 2)

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

HELLO from team WXMB2. Womxn Of Music Business. Find us in WXMB 2!

So.. who are we?

WXMB 2 began as 2 womxn wanting to equalise music by taking a positive and supportive approach. Now a team of 5, we aim to disrupt a historically male dominated industry, giving female, female identifying and non-binary artists their deserved moment in the spotlight.

For any long standing followers, you may have noticed a slight change in our name. Or for any newbies, you might be wondering.. why the X?! Well, we have made the decision to add an X into WOMB to ensure we are as inclusive as possible. We wanted to acknowledge that not every womxn has a womb, and we also hope to include non-binary and gender non-confirming people, so we really didn't want to be misleading and eventually exclusionary. Hope you're on board!

Here's a few quick-fire style questions to hopefully help you get to know who's behind all this.

What is your favourite...


Petra - Live music and art deco beauty at Islington Assembly Hall (been on the list way before I started working here hehe), clubbing at Corsica Studios, plus a local disco and tropical dive: Ridley Road Market Bar

Lucy - Village Underground

Niks - De School in Amsterdam and Warehouse Elemenstraat (Amsterdam) – I like the robust industrial feel of these two, OR Poble in Barcelona (huge open airtime space)

Milly - Either Corsica Studios or Block 9 at Glastonbury. I'm also obsessed with The K Hole in Dalston.

Alex - Night Kitchen in Sheffield or Motion in Bristol for the nostalgia


Petra - The Garden Festival (Croatia) - not running anymore, but a winner any time! The ones that have been, know what I'm talking about!

Lucy - Love International & Shambala

Niks - Sonus in Croatia. I went for the first edition, great line up, attracts a unique crowd of people who genuinely love the music and DJ’s. Houghton for its 72 hour music license, in the green with world class DJ’s and Secret Garden Party (when it was alive and kicking), the overall energy, themes, and sense of ‘collectiveness’ was amazing.

Milly - Primavera in Barcelona

Alex - I know Glastonbury is such an obvious answer but I’m saying it!

...3 DJs?

Petra - Jayda G, SISU Crew, Ben UFO

Lucy - Haai, Mehmet Aslan and Andrew Weatherall

Niks - All time favourite est birth Kerri Chandler, Adriatique and Solomun

Milly - Honey Dijon, Hunee, Tiffany Calver

Alex - Bamz, Branko, Mina

...Radio Show (at the moment)?

Lucy - Charlie Bones' NTS breakfast show

Niks - Systemic Sessions (Andre Lodemann’s show was my fave)

Milly - I'm loving Mia Carucci's 'Mixed Fruit' show on NTS at the moment, for a Hip Hop/party fix. Non-musically, my friend Mae-Li's show 'The Treasury' on Transmission Roundhouse is great & amazingly produced - would recommend to anyone with an interested in art/theatre/curation. It's a beaut!

Alex - Fatima’s Maple Syrup Waffle Show


Petra - Jayda G Boiler Room @ Dekmantel - wow, that woman is just brilliant!

Lucy - Andrew Weatherall live @ Waxwerks

Niks - FloorPlan/Robert Hood Boiler Room @ Dekmantel Festival DJ Set 2016

Milly - Honey Dijon Boiler Room @ Sugar Mountain, Melbourne

Alex - A podcast DJ Haus did for Rinse all the way back in October 2016


Petra - Absolutely London, been around the world and nowhere's as good, crazy, funny, amazing and active as here! :)

Lucy - Berlin

Niks - London

Milly - I've had some of the best times in Berlin, Barcelona & Bristol, but London inspires me like nowhere else!

Alex - Any big city, London, New York, Berlin... Lisbon is nice too.

...Song to play @ afters?

Petra - Nami Shimada - Sunshower / The Pointer Sisters - Slow Hand / Diana Ross - My Old Piano

Lucy - Always changing but at the moment it's Checkin Out NYC - James Curd

Niks - Nights Over Egypt by The Jones Girls

Milly - Green Eyes by Erykah Badu (at the after afters AKA my bed)

Alex - Kormak - Love On The Line

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