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WOMB 2: "The Male Perspective"

💫 Thursday 2nd Aug 2018

🌈 6pm - 11pm

📍 Number 177 Bar, Hoxton, London


There has been much discussion (and rightly so) about women in the music business, and the gender imbalance within it. This has largely been from the female community. Now it is time to hear the male perspective and include them in our plight.

This months talk we will host some great males to discuss what changes they've seen, how it has affected them, why it has been the way it is for so long and all the other burning questions we all want to ask...

18:00 - 20:00 h "The Male Perspective" Panel 🍍Grahame Farmer - Data Transmission 🍍Simon Denby - Percolate 🍍Will Hazelrigg - Noisily festival

Come and meet like minded individuals, broaden your own music business network, transfer valuable knowledge, share experiences and give insight into how ‘behind the scenes’ works. We'd also love to give females and industry starters a chance to find a mentor, access otherwise hard to find information and plenty more.

And then join us for some chats and listen to a live performance by a fresh newcomer:

💟 NENAH 💟 Her first release was out on 12th July, and it's on Tidal, Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud

DJ LoRIOca AKA Emma Symes from the POMBA GIRLS Listen to her latest mix HERE

🦄 🦄 🦄 FIND US IN WOMB 2!

With Love, Lucy and Petra


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