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🌟🌟🌟 FREE ENTRY 🌟🌟🌟

💫 Friday 2nd Feb 2018

🌈 18:30 - 01:00 h

📍 Number 90 Bar, Hackney Wick, London



After the heart-warming success of our first ever WOMB 2, We are delighted to bring you a night of - WOMEN OF MUSIC BUSINESS - open to ALL.

Womb 2 will continue to disrupt a historically male dominated industry, off the back of the recent rebellion from women who have collectively had enough. We have the opportunity to make it big and give female artists their deserved moment in the spotlight.

A safe space to meet like-minded people all wanting to equalize music. Come for the talks with high-up industry females and stay for the impressive throw downs of the live acts and DJs.

Listen to a short intro to Womb 2 here: _____________________________________________________________________

This month we are DELIGHTED to welcome:

18:30-20:00h 🔥 Wombcast Q&A: Talks by women with powerful positions in music - Registrations now open, limited to 20 pax only! 🔥 *Ticketed only*

At the start of each event, we invite women with powerful positions in the music industry to share their experiences of how they got to where they are now and answer questions within their line of work. There will be an hours long interactive Q&A where you can ask questions and get advice on "making it" in the business. The attendees will be the main vocal point and setting the tone of the event. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not only for women or industry starters, but anyone wanting to spread their wings and get the insight into the lives of some big-ballers!

Speakers for 'Wombcast Q&A: Part 2' are:

Hayley Miller ✊ Marketing & Communications Manager - ICE Services Stefania Pavlou ✊ Media Relations Manager - PRS for Music Chloe Abrahams ✊ Booker & Agent's Assistant - CODA Music Agency HOST: Rea Hadziosmanovic ✊ DJ / Radio Host / Music Journalist - Rolling Stone Croatia / Music Consultant - Publishing and Music Rights / Reebok Brand Ambassador

Get your tickets here: Limited to 20 pax! _____________________________________________________________________

20:00-21:00h 💟 Jesuton - Live 💟 RUE - Live

21:00-01:00h 💟 Bbz London 💟 Cooly G (Hyperdub Records) 💟 DJ Rea (Croatia) 💟 K2RAH (So Future)

Art exhibition by: Clara Garrido (Travel photographer)

Live art by: Hello the Mushroom Uberfubs

Photo on the night by Anna Wallington


With Love, Lucy and Petra _____________________________________________________________________

🌈 Artwork created by: @mamamanvz

Next event: 2nd March *ALL DAYER* Prepare yourselves for an all day female madness 12pm-6am as a part of Number 90's 4th BIRTHDAY FESTIVAL!

Please note: This event is not limited to female, female identifying and non-binary attendees only, everyone is welcome.

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